CGAF '16

The high attendance of The 2016 Coconut Grove Arts Festival brought an abundance of traffic throughout The City of Miami, luckily the low-altitude air traffic was smooth sailing. Feel free to fly over the madness in this aerial recap.

Fillmore night


For those of you who don't look at the Calendar, Today is February 11th, Which mean Bryson Tiller is going to be penetrating the Socks off Miami Beach tonight at The Fillmore. If you "Don't" already have a ticket, then you'll just have to stay tuned and pick up the breadcrumb trail of seduction left behind. 

Drone pic of the day (Gratitude)

Not Coming Down

Miami’s Hip Hop artist, JACC,  is proud to debut the release of his long anticipated video, “Not Coming Down” off of his mixtape, Home Town Advantage. Shot from the infamous LakeFront Tree House in Pinecrest, FL and surrounding areas, This video was filmed by D-Rives and Travis Nellen, Edited by FierFilms and Produced by Archetype Collective.
"Not Coming Down pushes the barriers of the mind to bring out true artistic expression by not letting anything bring you down!"-JACC 

I See you, Seattle.

Seattle Washington making a scene in the scene, Come see what I've seen.

Fresh Espresso-Big or Small

Eighty4 Fly- Cool Kids

Raz Simone - That Nigga
Visit, Download Mixtape, Watch all his Black Umbrella Music-videos, Go to Sleep.