Artist Spotlight: Purvis Young

Through out time there has not been many African American visual artist that have had a significant impact on the modern art world. In Fact, one could probably count them on one hand. But even though African American artists haven't gained the same popularity or publicity as other artist, the one's that do seem to carry with them an unprecedented and incomparable talent.
Purvis Young (1943-2010) is one America's Greatest folk artist and a man who, though he lived most of his life homeless on the streets of Overtown in Miami,FL, painted so giftedly that his brush strokes could express the struggle and beauty he saw everyday on the streets of his neighborhood. His work was painted on found objects(doors, discarded wood, cardboard, etc.) which reflected the life that he was leading as man too poor to afford canvas. In his last years he often stated that art was the driving force behind getting his life on track and awarding him true happiness. Purvis Young is a true Miami Legend.