Feed Me's Big Adventure

I was an instant fan when I first heard his music, but after seeing his amazing performance at Ultra Music Festival, I had to write about him. Jon Gooch started producing Drum & Bass under the name “Spor” in college after being introduced to it by a classmate. After quickly gaining popularity in Europe within the genre, he decided to take his musical career in a new direction by trying his hand at Electro House and Dubstep. Incorporating melodic keyboard solos and dynamic electric guitar riffs into his Electro tracks, while making Dubstep that not only hits hard, but is incredibly fluid as well, he quickly captured the attention of Noisia and released his first single under their label, Division. In 2008 he was signed by Mau5trap Recordings—the label owned and operated by the renowned producer Deadmau5—where he had his breakthrough. He released his EP, “Feed Me’s Big Adventure,” on Beatport on Christmas day, 2010, and for about a week solid he held multiple spots on their top ten chart. All of the songs are pretty amazing, especially considering he just started producing, but his Electro hit, “Grand Theft Ecstasy,” definitely stands out.

 Grand Theft Ecstasy by Owens123 

You can download GTE here: Grand Theft Ecstasy
You can check out the whole EP on Beatport here:Feed Me's Big Adventure