Mac G Herc- Evolution Ep

Mac G Herc, is a 20-year-old kid from Denmark, who has a unique and fresh outlook on hip hop. On January 10th 2011 I released my début EP "Evolution" on his website for free download.

The EP consists of 5 tracks which all have a base of the hiphop genre, but each track has its own inspiration and individual mix of genres as fx. electronica, dubstep, drum n' bass and disco. The project revolves around the concept or idea of waking the human species up and making a difference in this world. Heavy focus is put on the deep lyrics and message, and also on the dark and intense mood throughout the whole project.

01 Single Celled Organism / Outta The Water by MacGHerc

02 How To Be Human (feat. Damiri) by MacGHerc

03 Gene Flow (feat. Decimal) by MacGHerc

04 (R)Evolution by MacGHerc

05 New World / Biosphere by MacGHerc