Amy Winehouse - New Album Announced

Just 3 months after her passing, it has just been announced that fans will be able to get one last album from Amy Winehouse. Passing away due to an alcohol overdose, as reposts claim, this will be the last chance for everyone to her what Amy was working on before her death. The album features several of music's greats such as Tony Bennet, Nas, and Mark Ronson. 

Amy Winehouse - Lioness: Hidden Treasures (Tracklist)

1. Our Day Will Come (reggae version)
2. Between the Cheats
3. Tears Dry
4. Wake Up Alone (demo)
5. Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow
6. Valerie (demo)
7. Like Smoke (featuring Nas)
8. The Girl from Ipanema
9. Halftime
10. Best Friends
11. Body and Soul (with Tony Bennett)
12. A Song for You