Chocolate Robots: Pizza Face

This group recently contacted us about their new project entitled "Pizza Face." Chocolate Robots is a group from Sarnia, Ontario comprised of 3 brothers who work at their parent's pizza shop. Above is a video for the track "Young Love" and below is stream for their new record.

"The album was recorded in Sarnia, Ontario mainly by us, using a bunch of old tube and tape equipment my dad had left over from being an Italian singer songwriter in the 70s. Initially, the album was mixed locally and it sounded like Michael Bolton, but luckily we ran into the Fab Moretti from the Strokes. We went bowling and after the game he kindly passed our music on to Thom Monahan (Devandra Banhart, Vetiver). Thom started working on the record and the music came together. It sounds better than we ever thought it would! Drunk on confidence we got Mark Lawson (Arcade Fire, Unicorns) to mix 3 songs on the record as well. "