Artist Spotlight: Kyle Bent - "Hurry Up"

Got this submission in the mailbox today and thought it was definitely worth sharing. Kyle Bent, a young teenager from Randolph, Massachusetts has just released his Long awaited music-video for “Hurry up” ,last night. Already it has gone 5,000+ views on you tube & over 20,000 views on worldstarhiphop.

14 year old Kyle Bent is a phenom, and he knows it. Not because he has an over-inflated view of himself, but because after 10 minutes of talking to him or 3 minutes of listening to his music, you begin to realize how SPECIAL he is. And those, who have this realization, are quick to tell Kyle (or anyone else that will listen) about the enormous talent he possesses. With quick wit, clever punch lines and an impeccable delivery, the artist formerly known as KAYOGEE is a word-smiths' WORD SMITH, a rappers RAPPER and a writers WRITER. The High School Freshman's ability to adapt to any track and OWN the moment is what's most impressive about this young Basketball player turned eloquent architect. Kyle, who was born in Jamaica and raised in Randolph, Ma (a suburb of Boston), loves lyrics and word-play and even though Kyle has been Inspired by artists like B.O.B, J.Cole and Chiddy Bang, He has a very broad musical palette, which ranges from techno, R&B, Soul, to Gospel. Kyle Bent is not easily led, because he is a leader and this is something you begin to understand immediately as you listen to his work. Not interested in the fads of today's rap artists, or the run of the mill "rapper cliche's", Kyle can give a more than welcomed alternative to the NORM.