*Sniff*.. Aaaahhh I love the smell of a fresh book, and the book that I have before me might be even fresher than those little pine-trees you hang from your rear-view mirror: Monokrome Volume two – ‘The world’s best graffiti in full kolour’. Created by Robert Whitelock and Aaron Munday, the second edition of Monokrome contains work from artists worldwide: ALERT, AMATIC, ASKE, ASKER, AWOL CREW, AZEK, BATES, CODAK, CAZYAPES CREW, DOES, EAZ1, ELSE, ESTRAI, HUSH, INKFETISH, JABA, JEROO, KOFIE, LIK, LOOMIT, MR.WANY, NICK ALIVE, PEETA, PROBS, PUPPET, REMIROUGH, RIET, RUSL, SHOK1, STENDUC, SUIKO, TILT and ZADOK. As you can see, great names from the UK to Brazil!  As the great people of Monokrome were generous enough to send us a copy, let’s see if it’s an added value to your designer-toys filled bookcase!