Red Bull Flugtag Miami 2012

Check out the Miami New Times recap of Red Bull Flugtag and Miami this past weekend...

Whether they're dropping a Baumgartner from the edge of space, or launching duct tape airplanes into Biscayne Bay, Red Bull throws one hell of a party. Tens of thousands of spectators hit Bayfront Park Saturday to watch teams of amateur engineers push their homemade aircrafts off a thirty foot platform; mostly crashing into the sea without so much as a credible glide.

Cops patrolled the rocks along the seawall; sexy chuletas in bikinis shook their rumps on powerboats; old ladies yelled at skateboard kids to quit blocking their view; families frolicked; reeferheads blew dro in the wind; and the masses enjoyed bucket cups of domestic brew, endless cans of Red Bull, and non-stop entertainment.

We hit the field and talked to pilots, penguins, and one mad banana.