SUBMISSIONS: Soarse Spoken - "PU$$Y & ART" featuring Shottie (Official Video)

I haven't check our mail box in a while and our submissions desk is full of new talent to inform you guys about. Here is a video from Miami rapper Soarse Spoken, check out the details below:

"Pu$y & Art" is the first music video from my most recent project 'Starve The Hunger' (DOWNLOAD). Filmed on location in Brooklyn, NYC. Shot and edited by Sir Juan Herrera. Released January 1st, 2013.

This clip was shot entirely with no budget (The most expensive thing besides the video gear were the posters the girl in the video is tearing up and the marker we used to write the letters on the posters) In Brooklyn, except for the live performance shot, filmed in Gallery Bar in Manhattan, during what seemed to be when every storm possible was hitting New York at the same time, roughly around the same time as Sandy hit as well as a couple of snow storms. Needless to say, we were pretty happy to be able to actually get it done.