[Hot 97] Realer Sports - In Depth - W - Peter Rosenburg : Mike Tyson


In this video Mike speaks about whats going on in his life now, fame, family, and talks briefly about his past. After watching this clip I have to say that I am a proud fan of Mike, but something didnt sit well with me.A while back I wrote about Bruce Lee and his influence in urban culture and I started thinking,  why isn't Mike Tyson sharing that glory ? Is it Because he is still alive ? What ever the case may be Mike has become an urban American icon thru out the years. Whether you like him or not the urban community has embraced him with open arms. From exclusive clothing lines like "Supreme" all the way to Hollywood in the movie "The Hangover". I'm genuinely happy for Mike and who he is as a person today. I can't wait to see what's in store for the Champ.