Gramatik - Torture

 Classic case of Evil Nurse vs Grandpa if you ask me. Being Directed and Produced by Leo Marthaler & Alban Delachenal, The Quentin Tarantino inspired vision of this video was not poorly executed or overly used but definitely present. Not many can work with a track like Torture, so I give props for making a video almost as badass as the battery life in the Grandpas power cart.

 In a near future, Gramatik (73 years old) and his stuffed-cat are locked up in a nursing home. One morning, after playing very loudly with his MPC, the Evil Superior Nurse tries to unplug his soundsystem. Big mistake, considering the homemade electric taser he is holding.
 Gramatik then starts an incredible journey, riding his over pimped scooter around the country and taking people out of boredom. Little did he know that the nurse was a very vindictive, over-trained sword fighter...

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